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Garden Water Feature Installation Specialists

Relax and enjoy the benefits of a garden water feature

As experts in garden design, Classical Landscapes, a local landscaper in Farnborough, Hampshire love installing garden water features, not only because a water feature is a beautiful visual element that will add interest to any garden, but it can also have wonderful health benefits.

Garden water features can provide a form of sound and art therapy. The sound of falling or moving water is one of the most relaxing and beneficial sounds for the mind. It has the ability to calm, inspire and heal which is why flowing water has always been important in the design of garden, temples and cities during the human history. Being close to a water fountain can also stimulate creativity and enhance our connection to spirit.

There are many different types of garden water feature available. Whether you are looking for traditional natural stone or contemporary stainless steel, a large water-pumped fountain or a small cascade with LED lights, we can install the water feature you choose, either as part of a landscaping project or on its own.

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