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Improve your soil and make your garden bloom

Classical Landscapes, landscape designer in Farnborough Hampshire are experts in soil analysis, top soiling and mulching.

Soil Analysis

If you are looking to make improvements to your garden, then a soil analysis will help to identify not only the type of soil you have so you can purchase shrubs and flowers to suit the soil type, but also to see if any adjustments need to be made to the soil, particularly important if you are laying a new lawn. Getting the soil conditions right means your new lawn will be easier to maintain and it will help to retain the lawn’s health over time too.

Top Soiling

Good soil is known as loam. Loam has all the ingredients needed to promote healthy growth of lawns and plants. Loam consists of the right balance of air, minerals, organic matter, pore space and water. We use loam top soil to add essential nutrients to your soil and can create a regular maintenance programme to ensure your garden stays in tip top condition.


Mulches help soil retain moisture in the summer, suppress weeds, improve soil texture, deters some pests, protects plant roots from harsh extremes in temperature, encourages beneficial soil organisms and provides a decorative finish. You can choose from non-biodegradable mulches such as slate, shingle, pebbles, gravel and stone chipping which are all popular decorative aggregates, or biodegradable mulches such as wood chippings, garden compost, well-rotted manure, straw, or processed conifer bark.

Classical Landscapes can provide help and advice on your topsoil and mulching requirements.

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