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Garden Design Experts - Artificial Grass Specialists

If you are looking to lay a new lawn as part of a garden renovation project, or are considering replacing your moss covered/weed-covered lack lustre-looking lawn to give your garden a bit of a makeover, then Classical Landscapes in Farnborough, Hampshire, your local garden design experts, can help.

Grass seeding is a lower cost alternative to turfing, but as turf provides an instant lawn, this is a popular choice for many homeowners. If you feel you can stay off a newly seeded lawn for 2-3 months to allow it to become established, then this could be a great low cost option for you. If you have a particularly large area to cover, then again, seeding may prove much more cost-effective for you. If you have extremely shady areas, this also lends itself to seed better than turf.

Whether you decide on seed or turf, Classical Landscapes will survey the site and provide a cost on your preferred option. Our turf is high quality and comes from a reliable local company. We will provide aftercare advice following grass seed or turfing application, but with either method, you will need to commit to watering regularly for at least 2 weeks during dry periods to help it become established.

Artificial Grass

Replacing a lawn with artificial grass has become a recent trend, largely due to the low maintenance benefits and the technological advances of the product. There are still some brands on the market that look very artificial with a plastic appearance, however we choose to use brands of artificial grass that really do look and feel completely natural – you’ll be amazed at how well they resemble a real lawn, resulting in a beautiful green lawn all year round that doesn’t require mowing or tending. A perfect solution for families and for people who are not able or interested in regular maintenance of a natural lawn.

For further information or to arrange a site survey for grass seeding, turfing or laying artificial grass, please contact Justin at Classical Landscapes on 07787 297199 or email